Orlando Sentinel: Pass Money Course for the sake of Florida's students

Economic heavyweights are worried about Florida students.

Many young Floridians entering college or the workforce simply aren’t prepared for real world economics. They lack the basic money management skills to avoid debt, which impacts employability, financial stability, and our entire economy.

What Lawmakers, Teachers, & Financial Experts are Saying:

Being successful after graduation is directly related to how well we equip our students for success before graduation. This is especially true when it comes to being financially literate in an increasingly complex global economy.”Will Weatherford, Speaker of the Florida House

There is a disconnect between the content taught in a public school system and the skills that are necessary to navigate the 21st Century. Students are leaving school inadequately prepared for a future that grows increasingly uncertain.”Brett Burkey, Teacher at Spanish River H.S.

Research shows that a course in financial literacy, particularly when paired with testing for accountability, definitely results in improved outcomes in student behavior when managing money. ”Lesley Mace, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The Solution:

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